G-LINK Program
G-LINK Day 1
G-LINK Day 2
G-LINK Day 3

The G-LINK Summit is a 3 days event. The first day is the “Conference” day where participants will listen to Inspiring Keynote talks as well as Lightning talks.

The second day will be composed of Hands-on workshops: Masterclasses and short workshops. The last day will also be composed of Masterclasses and workshops but will also have a session o Success Stories.

Every day will end with a Sharing and Co-creation Circles session, a good way to recap and apply the ideas and knowledge gained during each day.

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Inspiring Keynote talks

10 Global Visionary Thinkers will deliver inspiring and motivational keynote talks that will inspire new creative ideas and will let you gain the latest insights on how to lead Digital and Cultural transformation and how to shape the future of business.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short presentation (10 minutes). Their goal is to articulate a topic in a quick, insightful, and clear manner. These concise and efficient talks will grab your attention, and will convey key information related to a multitude of emerging and insightful topics. A condensed keynote talk!

Sharing and Co-Creation Circles

During the Sharing and Co-Creation Circles participants will be grouped in small teams, facilitated by the Summit speakers. Different activities will be conducted by the teams, among them the 3R technique (Review, Reflect and Re-Apply what was covered during the day). Co-creation activities will also be used to collaboratively develop new ideas and solutions to the specific problems that participants are facing. This will be one of the most interactive activities of the day where participants will connect, share and crystalize the knowledge gained during each day. A must not miss sessions!


After their talk, speakers will join you in masterclasses, where they will work with smaller groups of participants to dig deeper into the content and let you experience new tools and techniques to solve your business challenges and to explore new opportunities.

Hands-on Workshops

The G-LINK Summit will provide a “Knowledge market” where participants can shop for workshops that best fit their interests. The broad variety of workshops offered, encourage the collision of ideas and approaches. The 11 short workshops will be delivered by our Global Visionary thinkers to present you with actionable tools and techniques that you can use to take rapid actions and make things happen in your organization. A good way to add some new tools to your transformation toolbox!

Success Stories

Selected Global business success stories will be presented by their leaders, followed by a panel discussion. These inspiring success stories from different industries and context were all recognized by an International award. Presenters will share with you their secrets to success as well as pitfalls to be avoided. A great source of lessons learned and best practices.