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Creative Bangkok 2014

G-LINK 2017 Summit

Leading Digital and Cultural Transformation

The theme of the 2017 G-LINK Summit is “Leading Digital and Cultural Transformation. Finding ways to react to and shape digital disruption is currently a Global challenge that many organizations are facing in our era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Digitization is no longer just an add-on feature to existing channels or products and services, it became a core strategy and or a new business model for many organizations. Digital transformation requires new ways of working, not just new technology. But a digital strategy is only as strong as the organization that executes it, it is likewise only as effective as the people who execute it. A study conducted by Cap Gemini indicates that 62 percent of employees consider culture as the number 1 hurdle to digital transformation. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the technological part of the digital transformation and few on the cultural aspect of it. During the G-LINK summit participants will be presented with the technological aspects of digital transformation but also with the other essential, and often underestimated, components of successful digital transformation including digital leadership, digital culture, digital literacy and a digital vision.

By attending the G-LINK summit you will gain all the new set of skills, knowledge and mindset that will help your organization to survive and thrive in these disruptive times.

G-LINK Summit: A new generation of event

The G-LINK Summit was co-created by members of the KM Global Network. Over the past year they have collaboratively designed a new interactive summit experience were participants will gain maximum knowledge, ideas, experience, relationships and fun! Various activities and engagement tools will be made available all along the 3 days so that participants can gain maximum value and insights form this event. In fact, the engagement of speakers and participants will start even before the event (learn more and join us at www.glinksummit.org), during and will continue after the event. The G-LINK summit will create a community of practitioners who will engage in creating the future of business. The future is not created, it is co-created. Be part of it!

Top reasons to attend?

Learn from 28 Global Visionary thinkers who will share with you the latest insights and approaches to digital and cultural transformation, from the leadership, strategic, innovation, technology, process and tools aspects.

Get immersed and inspired by novel ideas and concepts. The G-LINK Summit was co-created to expose you to a lot of novel ideas, to broaden your vision of the field. You will leave the event with plenty of new ideas you can start implementing next Monday at the office!

Co-create with International speakers and peers new solutions to overcome your challenges by bringing together new ideas and key practices that have had significant impacts on industry.

Get answers and new insights to the specific challenges your organization is facing by a condensed and multidisciplinary exposure to international knowledge that will prepare you for disruptive changes and to succeed in this disrupting digital age.

Network with International peers and speakers. The G-LINK offers a multi-cultural friendly atmosphere and a collaborative culture to share and learn. By participating to the 3 days summit you will build stronger networks and trusted relationships in a way you can’t virtually.

Who should attend?

Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Business owners from all industries and functions (strategy, marketing, IT, HR, Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, R&D, Business Development, Finance, Engineering, customer service, Supply Chain,), etc.

The content presented is relevant to Private and Public Organizations


The G-LINK Summit is organized by the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (IKI-SEA), a Center of Excellence of Bangkok University (none-profit organization). It is organized in collaboration with the Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN), a network of Global Practitioners from 9 countries (Singapore, Hong-Kong, Australia, Japan, India, Russia, France, USA and Thailand). It is a follow up event of the Global Learning week organized last year by the KMGN in Singapore.